About ARK Outdoors

ARK Outdoors started with a simple concept, to source and supply high quality camping and outdoor equipment to the Australian market.

Our mission at ARK Outdoors is to provide you with the best possible equipment at the best possible price. We believe that everybody should be able to explore the outdoors, whether it’s through camping, hiking, travelling or just backyard shenanigans, and they should have the means to do it in the best and most reliable equipment that they can get their hands on.

ARK Outdoors is based out of Melbourne, Australia and we can service the Australian market from our warehouse. We work closely with our suppliers to get you the best possible prices on all our products.

We stock everything that a camper, hiker or traveller would need, from tents to sleeping bags and mats to hammocks to water filters to backpacks and camping furniture to portable grills and many more things! Check out our extensive range here.

What makes ARK Outdoors so different from other camping stores is the fact that we are looking to supply products that are not overpriced simply because of their brand name but rather products that are reliable, functional and perform well. We are constantly on the lookout for unique products, and innovative solutions in the outdoor market.

We love being a part of and supporting the outdoor community and that is why we have a forum on our website where customers can discuss their outdoor experiences and give tips and help each other out. We believe that we can always learn from one another, and together we can spark the enjoyment of exploring the outdoors for everyone.

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Now go and explore!