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Cacoon Olefin Double

$635.00 This is a double sized Cacoon, its perfect for two adults or several children. The Cacoon is a hanging chair that invites you to take a nap or relax in. You can sprawl out, lie flat and be cocooned from your surroundings. You will feel like you are in your own bubble and will feel very relaxed. The double sized Cacoon will give you plenty of space to stretch out and relax amongst nature or even in your own living room!
  • Diameter: Ø 1.8 m
  • Loading capacity: Maximum 200 Kg / 440 Lbs
  • Hanging Space Required – Headroom: Minimum height of 2.40 m - Ideal height of 2.60 m
  • Hanging Space Required – Floorspace: Minimum space of 1.90 m diameter - Ideal 2.55 m diameter
  • Fabric: 316 g/m2 Olefin
  • Colour: Earth or Charcoal