How To Choose The Best Sleeping Bag For You

From a backyard campout, to a weekend mountain hike, or anywhere in between, a sleeping bag is a necessity for any outdoor adventure. Though a few of us have some version of a “trusty ol’ reliable” sleeping bag (somewhere) wouldn’t you rather have a comfortable sleeping bag that is the best option for you?

It is super important to have a safe and comfortable sleep environment when hiking and camping. While staying warm during the night is an important concern, getting enough sleep on longer hikes means better physical recovery. This not only means being well-rested to better appreciate beautiful sights but also ensures that you are feeling energised for the next day.

To get all the best tips on how to choose a sleeping bag for your adventure, stick with us and keep reading!

1. Temperature Rating for Sleeping Bag 

The first thing you’ll need to consider: the climate. Think about where you intend to go camping and the temperatures you’re likely to experience. This will impact the style, sizing and temperature rating of your sleeping bag. Be sure to avoid overlooking any extreme conditions you may come across, your sleeping bag should be able to accommodate the coldest temperature you expect during your trip (even if it’s unlikely). 

Imagine getting caught on a freezing night with a light sleeping bag – the thought itself makes us shiver!

When shopping for a sleeping bag, you’ll notice they come with a temperature rating. Use this as a guide, but remember that there are other factors that determine how effective your sleeping bag will be. What are these factors? The type of tent you’re in, the clothes you’re wearing, whether you’re a warm or cold sleeper and if you’re using a sleeping mat.

Side Note: We highly recommend getting a sleeping mat. Not only is laying directly on the tent floor uncomfortable, but it will also cause you to lose heat. Check out our recommended mat below!

The Easy Self-Inflate Camping Mat self-inflates with an integrated foam core, simply unroll the mat and it’s ready to use.

2. Sleeping Bag Shape

The Mummy

What a name, right? But true to its Egyptian counterpart, this sleeping bag will wrap you up for maximum thermal efficiency. Though it might feel constrictive for those that toss and turn, its narrow shape and snug hood make it perfect for extra heat retention. 

Keen to get your own? Our lightweight Hiberhide Mummy Sleeping Bag is designed for cold weather!


Rectangular shaped sleeping bags are designed for warmer climates and have more space to move within them. They can often be used as pseudo blankets as well. Rectangular sleeping bags can be used by people of any size or height, and fit an almost jack-of-all-trades role; a sleeping bag for any scenario!

Our Evade Sleeping Bag are not only great for outdoors, but can be used for sleepovers or extra guests. Check them out below!

3. Sleeping Bag Filling

Should I go for a synthetic or down filling for my sleeping bag? This is one of the most common questions we come across. Let’s first dive into what makes them so different. 


  • Easy to care for, can be washed in a washing machine
  • Performs well in wet conditions and traps warm air when damp
  • Hypoallergenic 
  • Heavier than down filling
  • Usually cheaper than down filling


  • Super lightweight
  • Compact and easy to carry as down filling can be compressed
  • Warmer than any synthetic option
  • Long-lasting, can last for over a decade
  • More expensive
  • Less water-resistant (try looking for water-repellent down or waterproof outer fabric if you’re in wetter climates)
  • Not hypoallergenic 

Now, which one should you choose? This depends on your budget and what you plan to use it for. Down is great when weight and bulk are your major priorities. In this case, the price and warmth offered by your down bag will depend on the concentration of down feathers. 

But, if you’re on a budget or plan to camp in wet conditions, synthetic is the best way to go! It’s economical and perfect for casual campers. 


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